DELTA AIRLINES (DAL) Crash Landed! Is It Ready to Take Off Again?

In this article, we will look at DELTA AIRLINES (DAL) to make sense of the recent huge volatility in the stock market caused by Corona virus pandemic which has now spread to over 200 countries in the World. The financial markets made huge declines but as is often the case, some sectors always get hit the hardest when compared to others. The transportation sector got hit a lot harder than the other sectors with Airlines and Cruise stocks being some of the biggest losers. Companies like Royal Caribbean, General Motors, Boeing, Carnival Cruise Line, American Airlines, Delta Airlines are among some of the stocks which got hit the hardest.

We at Elliottwave-Forecast have been tracking all the above stocks and they are all in Grand Super cycle correction except for American Airlines which appears to be correcting Super cycle from 2009. Delta Airlines got hit so hard that it looks like a plane has Crash landed, let’s take a look at the analysis below to see whether the Delta Airlines (DAL) crashed or it survived and it’s ready for take off again.

DELTA AIRLINES (DAL) Long-Term Elliott Wave Analysis

DELTA AIRLINES (DAL) Elliott Wave Analysis — Daily Chart



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